Converse Chuck 70 - a modern classic

The Converse Chuck 70 is an updated take on the iconic All Star sneaker, first introduced in 2013. This is a reproduction of a favorite silhouette, made from high quality materials. A premium model used to create limited edition collections. The Snicker Encyclopedia of Street Beat stores tells about the difference between the Converse Chuck 70 and its progenitor, and the most high-profile collaborations based on the model.

Converse Chuck 70 - a modern classic

How did it all begin?

In 1917, Converse created the legendary All Star sneakers. The silhouette was originally called Non-Skids, but was eventually renamed Chuck Taylor All Star in honor of Ambassador and basketball player Chuck Taylor. Sneakers with a cotton canvas upper and closed-toe rubber sole became a bestseller, the model appeared on the NBA floor until the 80s, after which it gave way to more modern sneakers. Retirement from basketball did not affect the popularity of the All Star. On the contrary, they became classics and over time earned the status of a street style icon.

Basketball legacy

Given the already high demand for All Star sneakers, the release of a new version may seem absurd. However, Converse simply decided to adapt the classics to the current manufacturing capabilities, thus making the sneaker stronger and more comfortable. According to the company, the novelty was created in the image of the preserved All Star sneakers from the 70s – a period when the silhouette was experiencing a peak in popularity in basketball.

The Converse Chuck 70 features a 12oz heavy canvas upper and cotton lining. A curious detail is hidden inside – a graph where you can enter the owner’s name. In the past, it was necessary to avoid confusing the dressing room couples, but today it is more of an authentic set, reminiscent of the All Star basketball heritage. In the area of ​​stressful places, a stitching appeared on the sides, protecting the edging of the sole from stress.

At first glance, the Chuck 70 sole is identical to the original All Star, but in reality it is almost an inch thicker and also softer. Inside there is a branded Ortholite insole made of elastic foam, which in addition protects the sneakers from the growth of bacteria. In addition, the designers decided to ditch the plastic heel insert and changed the traditional white color of the sole to a darker vintage shade. The first release of Converse Chuck 70 took place in 2013. The model came out in original black and white colors.

Collaboration platform

Back in the 70s, sneakers acted as a customization item. Then skateboarders created their own unique pairs, then brands began to produce a designer product themselves, and by the beginning of the 2000s, collaborations and special editions had become an integral part of the world of sports shoes. Today, through collaborative projects, brands are earning prestige for flagship models, which is why the new Converse Chuck 70s were chosen immediately after release as a target to collaborate with new and well-established names.

Maison Margiela and Comme Des Garçons with the youth line PLAY were one of the first collaborations based on the model. Renowned and respected fashion houses have set the bar high for future projects, and since then, the Chuck 70 has been the work of dozens of manufacturers and concept stores, designers and musicians. Missoni and J.W. Anderson, fragment design and NEIGHBORHOOD, designer Nigel Coburn and tattoo artist Dr. Woo, iconic street labels UNDEFEATED and Stussy, Virgil Abloh with his Off-White project and Jun Takahashi with UNDERCOVER – the limited edition Chuck 70 comes out almost every month and always arouses the interest of advanced buyers.

Introduced at the height of the collaborative era, the Chuck 70 is a timely response to sneaker makers from Converse. It is a refined classic that will keep the legendary 1917 design alive today and in the future. As authentic as the original All Star, the Chuck 70 is as comfortable as a sneaker. These are the qualities that a classic pair of shoes should have in the world of progress and technology.

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