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This article focuses on the history of the Air Jordan 5, one of the most interesting and popular models of the Jordan brand. Here you will find out what inspired you to create them, what the structure of the shoes is, as well as interesting facts related to them. Moreover, we will show you materials from the advertising campaign and all existing colors. But already in the next article. Now a little about the creation of sneakers.


The Fives hit the shelves in 1990, when tracks like Ice Ice Baby or Step By Step could be heard from the speakers, and films like Home Alone, Pretty Woman, and Turtles dominated in theaters. ninja”. Beautiful time!

What happened to Michael Jordan and his Chicago bulls during this time? The 1989/90 season brought changes in the coaching position of the team, the baton was taken by the assistant of the dismissed Doug Collins – Phil Jackson, who, together with Tex Winter, began to introduce the famous “triangles” into the attack. Led by the irreplaceable and incredible Jackson, the Bulls finished the season 55-27. The team from Chicago reached the conference finals again, where they faced the Detroit Pistons for the third time in a row and once again had to admit their superiority.

As for Michael himself, of course he had a successful season again, His Air again (for the fourth time in a row) won the scorer race (33.6 points per game) and had the best interception rating (2.77 per game). He averaged 6.9 rebounds and 6.3 assists per game. The accuracy of shots from the field was 52.5%, three-pointers – 37.6%, free throws – 85%.

Michael’s achievements so far:

– the title of the league’s top scorer
– the best interception player
– player of the month twice
– performed in an all-star match
– Selected to the top five team of the season
– Selected to the list of the best defenders of the league

This season he managed to play the best match of his career. In a game with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he scored 69 points, which was a career record, as well as 18 rebounds in the same game.

The history of the Jordan V

Design inspiration AJ5

The project was again in charge of none other than Tinker Hatfield himself, who still works at Nike. It was he who was responsible, among other things, for the third and fourth models, which we wrote about earlier. His acquaintance with Michael grew into something more, over time, a friendship developed, and their cooperation got better and better. Hatfield was known to seek inspiration in many different fields, and this time it was the same.

“I watched an old movie about World War II and was very excited about the airplane battles. Blimey! In the end, this is a great topic to be included in a new project, ”Tinker recalls.

“I remember watching a movie and thinking – it would be nice if the sneakers had a shape similar to the shape of an airplane, but of course without the wings,” says Tinker Hatfield.

By airplane, he meant the North American P-51 Mustang single-engine fighter, on which soldiers drew teeth to scare the enemy. As a result, a pattern is visible on the sole, but let’s take a closer look at the details that guided the designer.

“It gave me the opportunity to nudge the technologists to create something lighter, hear Michael about what was not in the previous model, and so on. After that, I added, ‘Let’s add history and some form to it.’ In this case, they were airplanes, ”the American designer added after a while.

“The first analogy that came to mind was comparing a bomber attack to what Michael was doing on the court. He moves calmly across the floor to move and attack in the blink of an eye. Feint, throw and boom – he has already thrown another ball into the ring ”- this is how the famous designer sums up the idea.

Construction and Fun Facts About the Air Jordan V.

The Air Jordan V was the first Jordan and basketball shoe to feature a translucent midsole. Below it we see a large “jumpman”. In addition, there is a huge tongue, which should have helped to more comfortably put on the sneakers. In addition, for the first two colors, Tinker added 3M reflective material to the tabs.

“How about the reflective language that can sparkle and glow when photojournalists take photos, or the fact that the tongue is larger than the standard tongue in other shoes. Michael needed this so that it was convenient to take hold of him and quickly get his foot inside the sneakers. This is what Michael wanted, what he needed. ” says Tinker.

Under the heel, we still see the window showing the Air system, which hasn’t changed since the AJ3. The shoe has excellent cushioning and is designed for defenders and light forwards.

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