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Nearly all Air Max models are style icons, running shoes with a design that is ahead of the curve, with the attributes of cutting edge sportswear. Since the release of the first Air Max, Nike has introduced many generations of a series that has always been about running. Combining authentic heritage with advanced technology, the Nike Air Max 270 is the first lifestyle shoe to be designed with an air cushion that’s not used in an athletic shoe. Sneaker The Street Beat Encyclopedia tells the story of the model, its variations, collaborations and other sneakers based on Air Max 270 technology.

From sketch to release

The Air Max 270 was designed by Dylan Raash, one of Nike’s most ambitious designers. In addition to him, Marie Odino also took part in the project, whose task was to implement the top. When work began on the Air Max 270, they wanted to create a hybrid of two iconic silhouettes, the Air Max 93 and the Air Max 180. Each of the models played a significant role in the development of the series, but in the process it became clear that the novelty required innovative solutions. As a result, the Air Max 270’s design reflected only a few of the details of its predecessors, and Dylan Raash focused all his efforts on producing as large an airbag as possible.

The history of the Nike Air Max 270
Marie Odino
The history of the Nike Air Max 270
Dylan Raash

Technologists from Nike Air Design lab doubted that such a huge camera could be built into the outsole. Engineers feared that the natural roll of the foot would be disrupted if the heel was too high. Nevertheless, the team managed to bring to life the thickest Air Max system at the time of the model’s debut. It measures 32mm in height, 15% more than Nike’s closest air insert. Air Max 270 modules are manufactured at the brand’s American factories in Oregon and Missouri, and the manufacturing method is kept a closely guarded secret.

The upper of the Air Max 270 is just as interesting as the outsole. Equipped with a synthetic leather frame, it is made from breathable mesh. It would seem nothing unusual, but this is by no means the case. Look at the top of the sneakers and notice the toes. The ventilation slits on the Air Max 270 are inspired by the chevron of the iconic Windrunner windbreaker. The 26-degree vents represent speed and are reminiscent of Nike’s most popular running jacket. And that is not all. The construction and selected materials are reminiscent of the silhouettes of Air Max 93 and 180. Ninety-thirds of the sneakers have a chunky heel construction, and from the 1980s, they have a form-fitting upper.

Air Max 270 First Edition, Collaborations, Varieties and Hybrids

The sneaker was originally going to be presented as the Air Max 273, a number that comes out when 180 and 93 are added together. But as the concept has changed from “creating a hybrid” to “developing an innovative product,” the name has been adjusted to focus the public’s attention on the unique air cushion … The first release of the Nike Air Max 270 took place on February 2, 2018, with the release of the ‘Hot Punch’ and ‘Total Orange’ colorways. Especially for Air Max Day in the same year, the sneaker was released in colors that echoed the models of its progenitors, the original Air Max 93 and 180.

The outsole with a powerful air cushion is a success. According to Nike designers, it has the perfect balance of cushioning and support, while also providing a smooth heel-to-toe roll. It is not surprising that many different editions and even fundamentally new models have come out on the basis of the Air Max 270. The Air Max 270 has been reimagined with Flyknit and premium leather, with a retro upper and outsole with integrated React cushioning. The silhouette was used for the Air Max 270 Golf and the Air Max 270 React Winter. And these are all just varieties of the original two hundred and seventies.

The technology itself was quickly replicated for the design of hybrid sneakers. First came the Air Force 270, combining the features of two iconic series. Then, when hiking gear returned to fashion, the 270-degree module was used in the outdoor Air Max 270 Bowfin sneakers, and then the Air Max 270 Vistascape. It is worth noting that the everyday use of the air cushion did not prevent it from penetrating into sports, or rather into the basketball Air Edge 270 and Jordan Mars 270. The actual innovation of the balloon is confirmed by the release of the experimental model ISPA Air Max 270.

Collaborations involving the Air Max 270 can be counted on one hand. The most famous and demanded is from Travis Scott. A complete universe was conceived around the limited pair: the sneaker is dedicated to camping, accompanied by a collection of Nike apparel with travel patch pockets and themed merchandise. In addition to the popular ambassador, children undergoing treatment at Doernbecher Medical Center have had a hand in the design of the Air Max 270. The camouflage sneakers are part of the Doernbecher Freestyle collection, which includes six different pairs from six children every year.

The future of the Nike Air Max 270

In 1987, Nike introduced the first running shoe with a visible visible air cushion. After 10 years, the camera took up a whole sole. The Nike Air Max 270 is an innovation too. Thanks to them, Nike learned how to create incredibly large cylinders that are distinguished not only by spectacular design, but also by high performance. The Air Max 270’s camera remained at its thickest in just a year – the Air Max 720 with a 38mm insert went on sale in February 2019.

We have to admit that this might not have happened if Dylan Raash had not come up with an unusually large amortization of the AM270. Development of the 270 took two years and helped push Air Max technology to the next level. Whether the silhouette will be able to gain the status of a legend, we will know only after many years, but you can already evaluate the contribution of the air cushion to the development of the line. Along with the ideas of the great designers Tinker Hatfield and Sergio Lozano, Dylan Raash and his Air Max 270 with a giant air chamber will go down in Air Max history forever.

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