Nike gets patent for sneaker design

We’re talking about Nike and three of the most recognizable sneaker silhouettes ever, the Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 1 Low, and Air Jordan 1 Low SE.

For the first time in history, the brand has received a patent for a sneaker design

For the first time, the model was released back in 1985 and the market immediately responded with a huge number of copies and fakes. It is very interesting that they filed the documents for registration of the patent only in July last year and on June 1, 2021, the designations were registered as trademarks. Thanks to this certification, the brand will be able to legally fight against counterfeiting and counterfeit goods.

The most interesting thing about this situation, which is likely to greatly affect the future of sneakerhead culture, is that this very patent protects design, and this kind of rights is the first time in history. This category includes the outer and inner sides of the shoe, the tongue with the lace holes, as well as the soles, the patterns on them and the seam lines around the perimeter. A repetition of the arrangement of these elements relative to each other will be considered a fake.
Naturally, in this whole story there will be both satisfied and unhappy parties in the face of counterfeit manufacturers, but one thing is certain for sure – not only Nike wants to do this.

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