Adidas Niteball - Inspired by Basketball

Shoes are one of the most important components of a person’s image. This part of the wardrobe is designed to emphasize the dignity of its owner, as well as effectively complement his image as a whole. It becomes a favorite piece that is put on at any time of the day and worn with pleasure.

adidas Originals introduce us to the new adidas Niteball sneaker that nods to the Nite Jogger, but despite the Niteball nods, it is the clearest example of how the best technology and stylish design can be combined in one shoe, combining iconic elements from an archival model with a progressive silhouette. …
It uses the patented Lightstrike technology, positioned by adidas as a super active foam that absorbs any impact of the foot on hard surfaces, providing softness and comfort. The outsole is made in accordance with all the canons of modern adidas, the wide tread is rubberized, due to which ideal grip and additional cushioning are achieved.

New silhouette from adidas - Niteball

Despite the fact that adidas presents this model not only as an everyday model, but also as a model for basketball, it is unlikely that anyone will go to play in them. All the same, the main task of these sneakers is to attract attention with a thoughtful design! Interesting color combinations will give you a lot of good reviews.

The upper of the model combines several materials at once: the first is high-quality leather, which is located at the back and on the underblock belt of the model. It is complemented by inserts of soft suede on the sides of the sneakers, and the list is completed by wide branded adidas stripes made of rubber. Also, the top is decorated with reflective inserts, which, when exposed to sunlight, emphasize the unusual design, and will glow in the dark.

New silhouette from adidas - Niteball
New silhouette from adidas - Niteball
New silhouette from adidas - Niteball

The sneakers weigh only 500 grams! This means that walking in them will be as comfortable as possible, in which the textile lining will additionally help.

We recommend wearing this model with your favorite adidas suit with classic stripes, they are perfectly combined with the brand’s novelty. Or straight-leg pants + oversized sweatshirt + adidas Niteball = a stylish sport casual look is ready.

This practical model can come in handy every day in different looks. Bright accents give, at first glance, a daring accent to a simple model. A wide range of colors will open up many possibilities for combination.

New silhouette from adidas - Niteball
New silhouette from adidas - Niteball

If you want to stand out – choose Niteball in bright orange color, you like practicality – the option in black and white is so easy to combine with any clothes, they refresh and make any look memorable. There is no need to invent or carefully select anything, an excellent result is achieved at the cost of minimal effort.

Summing up all that has been said, we can conclude: adidas has got an interesting novelty that will appeal to those who like to stand out from the crowd and those who are used to the classics. The model turned out to be really stylish and functional.

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